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Introducing Learn To Coach To Achieve Your Goals Program

Find out how by improving your coaching skills you can turnaround your leadership potential in your current business or organization.

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Did You Know That Learning To Coach Is Not Only Needed Only By Trainers, Consultants and Mentors But Leaders As Well?

Coaching is needed whether you’re a professional coach, trainer a leader or a manager. Using a coaching approach to help your team members or clients develop can take your current career to greater heights.

Coaching Skills Also Give You An Instant Platform To Build Stronger Relationships With People You Work With Every Day

Learn coaching skills and easily break out of 3 vicious circles leaders land in:

  • Having a team that is excessively reliant on you

  • Being overwhelmed by the flood of work coming in

  • Losing focus from the work that matters

  • 3 Major Benefits Of Using Coaching Skills For Your Teams & Others

    The essence of coaching lies in helping others and unlocking their potential. It lets you work less hard and have more impact. Whether you use for your teams, colleagues, clients or even your family:)

    Build An Independent Team

    When you use coaching skills with your teams, you support them to become more self-sufficient by increasing their autonomy and sense of mastery. You also reduce your need to jump in, taking over and becoming the bottleneck.

    Create Real-Value Impact

    Coaching will help you regain focus so you as well as your team and people you work with can do the work that creates real impact, so you can direct your time, energy and resources to solve the challenges that create make a clear difference.

    Do Greater Work

    A Coaching habit will help you and your team reconnect to the work that has meaning and fuel the courage to step out beyond the comfortable and familiar, help people learn from their experiences and fulfil a person’s true potential.

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    The 3 Key Modules Of Learn To Coach To Achieve Your Goals That Makes It An Awesome Program For Leaders

    These are the top 3 key modules of this program that makes it a must attend for all leaders who are leading teams be in any industry or geography.

    What Is Coaching?

    Understanding what is coaching and how is it different from mentoring, training or consulting is the first step in learning about this crucial skill. You will also learn the coaching models, principles and competencies that can help you align your coaching to create impact with your teams, or people in general. You will also learn how you can use coaching to focus on their future possibilities, and remove any internal obstacles to help them achieve their goals.

    How To Coach As A Leader?

    Here you will learn how to start shifting your thinking from being a leader focused on the performance of an individual to a leader believing their possibilities as a human. You will also learn how you can help them as their coach to take more responsibility while becoming more aware of themselves.

    How To Coach For Higher Performance?

    Find out how merely coaching for higher performance will not suffice sustained growth of the teams and people you work with. Following coaching management style is only successful when it follows the underlying principles of learning, enjoyment during the coaching process.

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    "As per the International Coach Federation, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills."

    Program Details

    We have structured our program in such a way that it helps participants easily follow the program along with your current busy schedules.

      Who Is This Program For?

      This program is designed for leaders who work with teams and want to take their team performance to the next level.

      However, this is also useful for those who want to learn these skills as a part of their profession e.g. trainers, mentors, or consultants.

      When & Where Are The Sessions Conducted?

      All our sessions are conducted virtually live on Zoom once a week. Each session is between 1.5 - 2 hours per week. 

      In case you miss a session (which we really don't wish you would), we also record every session and you can watch the recordings anytime you want.

      How Much Time Do I Need For This Program?

      We suggest you to keep aside at least 8-10 hours per week for the assignments we will give you and it is important they are completed for us to support your progress in the program.

      The program has been designed to fit your busy schedules and the time slots for the 1:1 sessions can be mutually discussed.  

      How Much Is The Total Duration Of The Program?

      The program duration is of 6 weeks and a 14-Day Challenge.

      We also have other program in case you wish to take Coaching as a business that supports you in marketing it. 

      How Soon Can I Get Started On The Program?

      You can get started as soon as you complete the application on this page, speak with us and make a small deposit. 

      * IMPORTANT Note: We have both 1:1 and Group Programs. Group Programs come at 25% Discount. We keep our group sizes small and places fill up fast - do let us know and we will reserve your place today so you don't have to wait. If you would like to join in a group with other associates, we can also create a special one for you!

    Are You Ready To Start Using Coaching Skills To Achieve Your Goals And Unlock Your Leadership Potential?

    If you are want one program that can help you to get the best from the people while developing professionally, this is the one!  

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