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Case Studies

Helping leaders & their teams rise to their potential and purpose, learn who they are capable of being and achieving, while re-designing lives for a sustainable future. 

Joaquin Melara, Chief Operations Officer, The Knowledge Graph Conference, New York, U.S.A

"It is difficult to quantify how much time, money, and energy can be wasted if intent and execution are not explicitly defined. I am very happy with the interactions and coaching I have received from Sindhuja through her program."



Excellent individual performer, had been a consultant and worked individually with organizations till then. Recently took over a role of a Team Manager.

He said - " I have never lead a team before and am anxious of how I will be able to deliver the results for this new organizations in the next 3 months (as required by the organization). The owners have trusted me as they worked with me before, and they liked my way of working. I don't want to disappoint themn now that they've hired me."

In fact he had to recruit the team right from scratch, create their job roles, KRAs, delegation & monitoring systems, while marketing the online platform for the organization.

He also wanted to have time for his fitness goals and personal life while being able to do all this.

But currently, neither did he have the right team, nor did he know how they will work on this huge project of launching an online platform for webinars for this organization in such a short time. 

“I was exhausted and on the edge. I can contain it well at work somehow by working nights and long hours but come the weekend, I end up being stressed with my partner and feel like I am missing out on my health which is so important for me"- said Joaquin. “I am so tired and lacked motivation for anything else...even things that I found enjoyable like going to the gym and working out.”

Joaquin added - "I've read many books on leadership and still do, but when I saw your webinar, Sindhuja, I wanted someone like you with your experience to guide and mentor me through this process of creating a high performing team, without you, it wouldn't be possible. Your experience of working with clients and leading teams in a wide variety of circumstances, and industries, provided me the confidence to hire your service and you did perfectly coach me on this as well."

After joining the program, he was so interested, that he requested for a daily 15 minute catch up session to ensure that he was on track and we could iron out any concerns that were on his way.

Although we had thought the program will go on for more than 3 months, we could successfully complete within 3 months and get the team to start performing as was needed to achieve the target of having a thriving web presence for the organization. 

Since graduating from our program, Joaquin has successfully completed the project for his organization and got many accolades for his and his team's performance in such a short time! He has also gone back to his earlier consulting role which he was supposed to take over again after completing this assignment. 

He said - " I am 100% confident this program gave me the confidence and courage to step into something bigger than what I was used to earlier and where I could give bigger results as well as create higher impact. Without your support, Sindhuja, this would've not been possible." “Not only did I gain the tools to navigate my role as a manager, but I also gained the confidence to do so. I am confident that I can play big now.”

He adds: “I’ve learned, by focusing on my and my team's strengths as well as potential, I can create magic in any organization, become a leader that can not only create the desired results, but also create genuine relationships with my team members which can serve me as a leader and a person. It’s beautiful to see it unfold, and I’ve received positive feedback from team members as well that further validates this is the way I should lead. I love my job as a leader, now.”

As Joaquin redefines and models leadership, he’s focused on committing to his and his team's growth, thriving, and succeeding by investing in each team member and ensuring they feel fulfilled and empowered to contribute, grow, and execute.

I now feel restored and know how to balance my work and life as well,” he continues to say. “I allow myself to live and not work all the time. I’ve stepped into a bigger role but don't hesitate to take time for myself, my friends, or my wellbeing. I want the people in my charge to grow and learn this as well.

Joaquin cites BTLD’s foundation of true well-being, without burnout—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and occupational wellbeing—and leadership training to be integral to his success.

“I loved tapping into the basic principles of leadership and values, and how to rewire neural pathways to become the best leaders one can be, really tangible scientific elements—to the embodiment of the best human being one can be and how it impacts our professional and personal lives.”

He proudly leverages program tools such as the Leadership Transformational System, Personality Type Assessments, and guided case studies to help elevate his leadership so he can identify and address team concerns and his leadership patterns and pitfalls.

Rajat Pendharkar, Deputy General Manager - Tech, Multiplier, New Delhi, India

"With as difficult and complex subject as this, she made it simple & easy to understand and implement the principles she taught me while learning to practice them in life. With her immense level of knowledge, I can say that she is one of the best of the coaches in the world."



An experience leader who has been leading a technology team for many years.

As per Rajat, he says - "We have been getting tasks

done from our teams till now, we allocate work well. We are looking into each and every process that can be made easier and stronger with help of technology. We have weekly reviews and we are always on the lookout which team member can fulfil the task at hand. We allocate the main goal & distribute tasks as per team members skill set & experience. We also encourage team members to share a helping hand to each other. We are always on the lookout of how to make a certain process improved by use of innovation in our tech applications. I also get down and sit with Subordinates to handle the queries and issue fixing, in case the Tech Support Executive is stuck somewhere. But I have to micro-manage as without quick reviewing & looking at small things of the projects, the Project execution will compromise the Quality at hand. Also how to lead them without my presence is difficult. Is there a better way to do this so that they can be independent and I can have more time to do other important tasks?"

He also wanted to learn what were his real strengths as a leader, what styles of leadership would work for him and the values that can drive him everyday to achieve his, his team and his organizational goals. 

He was also struggling in ensuring that the internal as well as external customers were satisfied at any given point from his department as they were providing IT support to them.

He also wanted to know how to manage time with each client and ensure they are all happy when the work comes in all at once and keeping his team motivated as well.

Rajat said - "I need to become a leader that is able to understand the team and my client and work for their growth, success & happiness."

Also his 360 degree feedback said that he needed to learn to empower his knowledge and skills to his team members.

After completing our 3 month journey on "Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For (BLTD)" program, he learnt all about his current goals as a leader, where he was currently and what was the gap. He also gained great insights into his leadership style and how it is impacting his team members currently, its advantages and disadvantages. 

Besides these he learnt about his top values that drive him as a leader and how it shows up for him everyday as well as for his team. Also how he could align his values with his team members to increase their performance and empower them to pursue their goals. 

Rajat says - "During this program, I learnt a lot of things about myself as a leader and my teams which are already starting to show results, in not just the way we work but what we can deliver in future for the organization. This is simply amazing! I would recommend anyone on the verge of taking up this program, go in for it with full trust and faith and you will come out with flying results, that I can promise! Only thing is that you must do what is being asked. Complete all your assignments and you will reach your goal - to be the best leader you can be for your team..."

Rajat also felt that this program impacted his personal life as well as he was now more aligned internally with himself and had better control on how things were at work.

He also said - "Whether it is professional or personal, this program is bound to impact you in a 360 degree manner and you will never be the same ever again..you can see the positive transformations in such a short time, which is unbelievable!"

Rajat cites that the essence of BTLD program on recreating personal ethos of a leader is the key to success of this program. This is quite unique and you can't experience this in any course in leadership from any educational institute. 

Rajat mentioned that he has successfully leveraged in his leadership due to this program and will continue to do so with his future sessions with us. He looks forward to the journey ahead...

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